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1969 Ford Mustang 

On this build we took a 1969 Ford Mustang with the beautiful paint job you see there, completely updated the entire drive train and fixed major rust issues, all without ruining the paint! 
Click on any picture to enlarge.
When we first saw the car it was quite deceiving. From a distance it looked mint, but upon a closer look we found rust had taken its toll on this old cars underside.
Some areas under the car looked so rough we were concerned about how far we would have to cut back the metal to replace. 
Here is a shot of where the shock towers used to be. We put a heidts front end on this car to compensate for the torque this new engine would put out.
This shows up close where the shock towers have been removed and replaced with a full heidts front suspension allowing this car from 1969 to handle like one from 2017.
Here we are test fitting the engine to make sure we had clearance for the headers and all the extra supports running above and beside the engine.
This is the Roush built 509 horse power V8 chosen for this project. This engine makes 528 pounds-feet of torque. This engine is the reason we did much of the front suspension work and all the frame ties under the car and in the engine bay.
We had to modify where the new transmission and crossmember will be mounted as well as repair some minor rust.
Below you see where we had worked the floor pans and frame rails prepping them for the frame ties we later fabricate for this build, similar to those under the hood.
From here we move to the inside of the car, the floor pans of this car were pretty rough when it first came to us. We stripped the entire interior to completely rework and rewire this car from the inside out.
Once we had repaired what was needed to the floor pans and modified what we had to so everything would fit correctly, we sanded it all down and sprayed some paint on it. At this point the inside of the car starts to look really good.
Once the floor pans got painted it was time for the Dynamat, we couldn't just  make this car handle and drive like a new car without making it sound like one too. With this layer of Dynamat down it eliminates much of the road noise while driving.
At this point we are doing less fitting/fabricating and are more so cleaning up the work we have done. All the metal work in the engine bay and transmission tunnel all needed to be cleaned up and painted.
Above you will see us fitting the exhaust as well as the three bar frame tie set up we had fitted for this car. Once the exhaust and frame ties were fitted in place to our liking we sent the exhaust out to get coated and we worked on finishing the floor pans. 
With the exhaust coated and the floor pans complete, as well as all the new frame ties, this car is starting to really come together.
This car got a entirely new brake system made by wilwood. All four corners of the car got a disc brake conversion as well as a new master and brake lines.
The engine went in smoothly and looked great under the extra supports, it all fit like a glove. The new be-cool radiator looks and fit great for what we were doing here.
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