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1939 Chevy Panel 

This 39 Chevy Panel came to us in pretty rough shape but all original sheet metal and parts. For this build we will be installing a small block Chevy and a Heidts front end to really bring this car back to life.
We started by removing the front clip to get a better idea of what we are working with and to get it out of the way while we fabricate the new front end, firewall and steering column.
We had to remove all existing front end components to make room for the new Heidts front end/ rack and pinion steering. Plenty more metal fabricating to be done and even more metal to be chopped and removed.
For the engine and transmission we will be using a small block Chevy and an xxxxx. We are going to fabricate all new transmission mounts, cross member, engine mounts and even box in the front frame rails to hold up to the extra power.
Here is the new independent front suspension we will be installing, this is made by Heidts and is supposed to be a direct fit. You see here the frame rails are being boxed in for added strength. 
For the rear end we are using a 69 Camaro 12 Bolt rear end, and a TCI rear independent suspension. This required the rear frame to be notched to allow the rear end to have enough room to move when hitting bumps going down the road. 
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